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Photo by Luke Kelly

2008 WSC Conservation Award Winner Frank Moore

Category: Conservation Award | Posted by: Jonathan | 12/15/08 | Comments: 0

Summary: The Wild Steelhead Coalition “Conservation Award” is presented to an individual or group that, through their actions and/or accomplishments, have made significant and noteworthy contributions to the protection and propagation of wild steelhead.

Tonight we honor Frank Moore with the 2008 award, but this award goes deeper to symbolize and recognize Frank’s life long devotion to wild steelhead conservation issues. Personally I believe Frank personifies what a complete angler is; perfection of his craft, humility, the love of the experience and beautiful environments, willingness to show the way to other less skilled anglers and a persistent conservationist who believes wild steelhead come first before any opportunity.

Frank Moore

<p>Award Winner Frank Moore</p>

Frank has fought long and hard for what he believed in and that was the conservation of a precious river and it’s wild fish. But than again, I guess you would learn something about the fight, persistence and life if you survived to land at Utah Beach on Normandy in World War ll. He states that “when the ramp on the landing craft dropped I thought of two things-my wonderful wife, Jeanne, and my brand new Montague Fly Rod, but I can’t remember which came first- a terrible rod by the way.”

After his discharge form the Army in 1945, Frank went immediately to Roseburg, Oregon and spent every moment fishing the North Umpqua for trout and steelhead, learning enough in short time that Clarence Gordon, who owned the North Umpqua Lodge at Steamboat and Mildred Young of the Circle H Lodge, wanted him to guide their clients. When both of the afore establishments were closed, Frank and Jeanne had the opportunity to buy out Gordon’s Forest Service lease and built the Steamboat Inn at it’s present location in 1957.

Frank has done many things to conserve and protect wild fish and the list could go on a long time. But in the beginning is a pure example of Frank’s determination to issues regarding wild steelhead. As he caught fish and watched as blind logging brought ruin to one tributary creek after another. The fish finally called to him and spoke through him. Frank became a volunteer stream monitor on his own and environmental activist before there were such things. After he, Dick Snider and Hal Riney made the 12-minute film “Pass Creek” in the 1960s they turned the tide. Frank took it upon himself to fly around the northwest in his private plane and showed Pass Creek to the people in charge. Later, he traveled around the country, including Washington DC, spreading the message. After several governors asked Frank what to do, finally the fish had a real voice.

I would also like to take the opportunity read a note sent to me of congratulations from your friend Nathaniel Reed (Former Assist Interior Secretary under the Nixon and Ford adminstration).

Frank has received the National Wildlife Federation, Sear Roebuck Foundation Conservationist of the Year, Izaak Walton League Beaver Award for Conservation Achievement, Anders Award for Wild Trout Management. Lifetime Achievement Award from the Audubon Society, Conservation Award of the Year from Umpqua Watersheds, Conservationist of the Year from the FFF, Citizen Award for protection of the North Umpqua River. Frank has served two terms on the Oregon Game Commission, served one term on the Oregon Water Commission, served on the National Parks Angling Advisory Board, as well as on the board of several local organizations.

Frank, it is a great honor and privilege on behalf of the Wild Steelhead Coalition to present you the 2008 Conservation Award to honor and celebrate you life’s work and devotion to wild steelhead issues and your love of the fish and the pursuit it embodies.

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