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Photo by Luke Kelly

Comment on hatchery plans for Lower Columbia EXPIRED

Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: Jonathan | 9/14/12 | Comments: 9

Summary: Take two minutes to send comments to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and let them know it is time to stop our hatchery steelhead addiction and move toward wild steelhead recovery.


Take two minutes to send comments to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and let them know it is time to stop our hatchery steelhead addiction and move toward wild steelhead recovery.

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9 Responses

  1. Brett Bates says:

    As much as I love catching steelhead I know and acknowledge the reality that a hatchery and native steelhead program cannot thrive together. We all know that factually the death to our native fish population has solely to do with implementation of dams, deep fishing the ocean, over fishing the tribs, commercial fishing te lower Columbia and tribal overfishing the mouths of tributaries and rivers. Hatchery programs in my understanding were never put in place to re-build native fish populations but on the other hand to appease the sport fishing industry, commercial fishing, native American populations and all the corruption that is entailed with multi million dollar profiting energy companies. Well, with all that being said we should except the scientific evidence that they just don’t work and we should stop wasting our monies. It’s a sad truth but the truth is, bye bye commercial fishing, bye bye sport fishing and heavy regulations on native Americans overfishing and selling native fish commercially. It’s time to grow some balls and save a sustainable natural resource. Yep just like the US debt we are all gonna have to sacrifice to save something so good. In regards to these three local rivers which are my home rivers. One in particular I catch hatchery fish whiles the natives are still spawning. It’s not a good situation.

  2. Doug Brady says:

    Please reconsider your stance on the lower columbia hatchery system! This day and age we have tons of scientific evidence that proves hatchery fish hurt our wild stocks !!
    Please do not be so short sighted and think about future generations of fish and the people that love them !!
    Not the political pressures of certain groups

  3. Robert Sheley says:

    Survival of any species living in the diverse environments that anadromous fish do requires diverse ways of handling the many problems that confront them. Hatchery fish unfortunately diminish the ability of the species to do just that and meaningful recovery of depressed populations should start by eliminating dependency on the weakest link.
    It is time to stop wasting precious resources on hatcheries.

  4. Dan Bastian says:

    The recovery programs on the east coast have had great success in the effort to rescue the Atlantic Salmon–with no help from hatcherys. They work on habitat and protecting the fish from fishing in the ocean. They know that hatcherys are not the answer–thanks to us on the opposite coast. If hatcherys were the answer Oregon and Washington would be awash in fish from the 180 private, state, and federal hatcherys in the region. The only thing hatcherys are good for is the elimination of wild fish. It’s time for a different approach.

  5. Jonathan Hill says:

    The science is in. The literature clearly states that hatchery supplementation creates lines of monocultures that are poorly adapted for the natural environment and compete with naturally selected wild populations. From agriculture to aquaculture, we all know monoculture is dangerous. Minimum viable populations need a broad spectrum of genetic diversity for natural selection to operate on. By limiting the amount of genetic diversity, whatever fish remain become less adaptable to change. Due to anthropogenic stressors, there is no time in history where being adaptable to change is more important than it is now. Do the right thing and manage for wild steelhead. It is in everyones long term best interest to do so.

  6. george baer says:

    Listen to the river; listen to the fish; listen, and support, and protect, the diversity of nature.

  7. Kirk Giloth says:


    While I commend your decision on eliminating the Snider Creek hatchery and temporarily halting hatchery plants in the Elwa, I have to disagree with your decision to keep planting hatchery fish in certain Columbia River System streams. Put simply, hatchery fish are an inferior breed and have been proved to degrade the native stocks to the rivers they’re introduced into. In my 40+ years of Steelhead Flyfishing north Puget Sound streamsI have seen native stocks drop precipitously while seeing hatchery fish run to implant areas rather than utilizing the entire river, creating a free for all for gear fisherman trying to catch a fish. That’s not fishing, it’s shooting fish in a barrel. I think the Fisheries culture, developed over 100 years, of hatchery fish as a substitute for a native fish is a fallacy and should be stopped immediately. Given the proper habitat, sufficient water and proper resource management, the fish will slowly rebuild their stocks. The age of sustainability harvest is gone, proven impracticable, archaic and unwise for future generations. Let’s (all users) partner in this decision to finally start getting out of the hatchery business.

    Thank You for listening.

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  9. Bob Vadas, Jr. says:

    The predominant evidence shows that hatchery salmonids don’t match the survival rates of natives, as they’re too aggressive and lack the local adaptations needed to survive well in freshwater and marine habitats. To restore east-coast striped bass, a fishing moratorium had to be implemented, and it worked. We need something similar here, if dirty politics can be circumvented.

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