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Photo by Luke Kelly

Skagit Initiative Update – Fall 2013

Category: Newsletter Articles | Posted by: Jonathan | 11/20/13 | Comments: 1

Summary: An update of our Skagit Initiative work from the fall of 2013...

Skagit RiverThe Skagit watershed has been a focus for the WSC going back to its inception, with the closure of the winter-run wild steelhead C&R season at the turn of the 21st century.  One of the first priorities for our new Executive Director, Bob Margulis, was to follow on the work the WSC has done with Bill McMillan and Dave Pflug on steelhead research, as well as reach out to various parties on the Skagit to work more closely with them to protect and restore Skagit steelhead runs. The WSC is now a member of the Skagit Watershed Council (SWC) and participates on their Technical Work group. The SWC works to understand, protect and restore the production and productivity of healthy ecosystems in order to support sustainable fisheries. As part of its Skagit Initiative, The Wild Steelhead Coalition also is providing funding to the Skagit River System Cooperative (SRSC) to restore both Lyle Creek and Barnaby Slough.

We are most thankful for a recent $1,000 grant we received from the Swinomish Tribe toward research examining steelhead smolt migration and mortality using data collected by Seattle City Light and the SRSC. The grant is to help fund a study of wild steelhead smolt migration and mortality using data gathered from a SRSC five-year study of wild and hatchery steelhead interactions.  This data will be compared with previously collected data on Skagit hatchery steelhead smolts and also be contributed to a larger out-migrating mortality study being done on other steelhead runs in the South Sound and Hood Canal. In addition, the data will be contributed to a larger study in Puget Sound attempting to understand poor steelhead smolt survival while outmigrating from Puget Sound rivers to the ocean.

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One Response

  1. Paul Dudley says:

    I wonder if forming a club or group that is specifically interested in these two rivers would be something of interest? I don’t fish a lot of rivers in Wa. but these two I do and I think they are two of the most beautiful rivers on the west coast period.
    I would fully support a group that is specific to this watershed both financially and otherwise..


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