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Photo by Luke Kelly

INFOGRAPHIC: Keep wild steelhead wet!

Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: Jonathan | 2/20/15 | Comments: 1

Summary: Wild winter steelhead enter our coastal rivers in a more mature condition and closer to spawn timing with fish sometimes caught within hours to days of freshwater entry or in their holding and spawning areas. This vulnerable condition makes them susceptible to loss in fry production by improper handling practices and exposure to air. Let’s work together to reduce our impact by keeping wild steelhead underwater. Infographic courtesy of Rich Simms.

Keep wild steelhead wet

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Read the Richard et al 2013 study, “Does catch and release affect the mating system and individual reproductive success of wild Atlantic salmon?”

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One Response

  1. Peter Dorn says:

    id there a difference between more mature coastal steelhead and puget sound steelhead. are sjykomish steelhead less mature?

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