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Photo by Luke Kelly

Progress in Congress for the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary

Category: In the News | Posted by: Paul Moinester | 7/28/16 | Comments: 0

Summary: In honor of Frank Moore, WSC's 2008 Conservation Award Winner, the Senate advanced legislation to designate nearly 100,000 acres of public lands in Oregon as the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Special Management Area.

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The Wild Steelhead Coalition is proud to support the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Designation Act and is excited to announce that this legislation recently took a big step toward becoming a reality. On July 13th, Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley’s legislation was passed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and sent to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

The legislation proposes the creation of the Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Management Area, a nearly 100,000 acre region of Forest Service land north of the North Umpqua River that is one of the most remarkable salmonid sanctuaries in the United States. Not only would this legislation conserve this irreplaceable resource, but it would also honor Frank Moore, an American war hero and conservation icon who has been awarded the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s two highest honors – Honorary Lifetime Member and the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s Conservation Award for his work over more than half a century to conserve wild steelhead and their waters.

Last year, the Wild Steelhead Coalition sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources expressing our strong support for the designation of this sanctuary. With the bill stuck in Congress, we are continuing to champion its passage and are working to increase public support for this important legislation.

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