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Photo by Luke Kelly

Washington’s New Steelhead License Plate

Category: In the News | Posted by: Paul Moinester | 10/24/16 | Comments: 0

Summary: Washington's new steelhead license plate looks pretty awesome courtesy of Derek DeYoung's awesome steelhead art. Get yours starting this January.


Wild steelhead are Washington’s state fish, a fitting tribute to an iconic species that embodies the beauty, strength, and spirit of the Evergreen State. And starting on January 1, 2017, Washingtonians can pay homage to wild steelhead with a new steelhead license plate.


The license plate features the art of renowned Montana fly fishing artist Derek DeYoung. The design is a quintessential DeYoung piece that showcases the beautiful colors of a rosy-cheeked steelhead face. As you would expect given the widespread affinity for DeYoung’s work, the license plate design has received rave reviews and anglers across the state are eagerly awaiting its release.

Sales of license plates are expected to generate approximately $200,000 a year. These funds will be used to apply new techniques to improve estimates of the number of wild steelhead on the spawning grounds, bolster efforts to monitor interactions between wild and hatchery steelhead, and increase creel surveys to improve estimates for the number of wild steelhead caught, harvested, and released.

Learn more about how this design came to be.


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