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  • The WSC is grateful for the support and collaboration of many partners
  • Our partners include NGOs, businesses, and individuals
  • We share a common commitment to preserving wild steelhead
Photo by Jeff Bright

WSC Profile

Jeff Bright

Jeff Bright


WSC Partner

Jeff Bright moved to the west coast from Ohio in 1988 to pursue musical aspirations and other California dreams.  He began fishing the steelhead rivers of Northern California in 1993, gravitating to the art and craft of flyfishing soon afterward. En route, he soaked up stacks of flyfishing literature, from classic works to reports of the day addressing fisheries conservation.

Jeff began documenting his outings on film with a simple but sturdy 35mm automatic camera and, through his graphic design studio, became involved with numerous organizations active in efforts to protect and restore the state’s wild steelhead and their environs. From these relationships and a dawning awareness of “what had been lost,” a conservation consciousness was born. And, simultaneously, through the camera’s lens, a pathway for creatively directing that consciousness was uncovered.

Jeff provided many of the steelhead and landscape images that you will see on the WSC website, pro bono. We thank him for his generous contribution!

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