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Who We Are

  • The WSC is a completely volunteer-run organization
  • We are citizens devoted to recovering the NW's greatest resource
  • We represent fishers, conservationists, and businesses
Photo by Jeff Bright

The WSC is made up of people like you, committed to preserving wild steelhead

Photo by Mark Harrison

Thanks to Mark Harrison of the Seattle Times for sharing this photo of a Green River steelhead. Top photo by Jeff Bright.

The WSC is comprised of concerned citizens determined to reverse the factors that have negatively impacted wild steelhead and, in so doing, to restore healthy and viable populations of wild steelhead to the Pacific Northwest. The WSC provides a voice that unites the public, private, and other interests.

We represent conservationists, recreational fishermen, businesses that depend upon wild steelhead for their livelihoods, and citizens who seek to preserve the future of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest resource.

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