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Lifetime & Honorary Members

Photo by Dave McCoy

WSC Profile

Luke Kelly

Luke Kelly

Vice Chair

Board of Directors

Luke's Personal Philosophy: “I have been seduced by water and its wilderness since I was very young, and my fascination naturally matured into a passion, and finally into a career working on, in, and around freshwater and marine ecosystems. I believe it is a privilege to be on the board of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and it is a pleasure working with such fine people who share a vision of wild steelhead conservation. These fish are very unique, complex, and spectacular, and their future is uncertain. I believe with diligence and collaboration, wild steelhead will be swimming in our waters for generations to come.”

Lifetime and Honorary WSC Members

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of these Lifetime and Honorary members of the WSC. Their dedication and passion for wild steelhead recovery has earned them a permanent place at the WSC table.


Lifetime Members

Steve Choate

Wayne Schiffman

Bill Robinson

Tim Pask

Andrew Turner

Keith Beverly

Dylan Rothwell

Bob Margulis

Lucas St. Clair

Marc Gignac

Chad Rothacher

David Cole


Honorary Members 

Frank Moore

Yvon Chouinard