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Lifetime & Honorary Members

Photo by Dave McCoy

WSC Profile

Dick Burge

Dick Burge



Backstory: A love of fishing led Dick to study Fisheries at Humboldt State University. In California, Dick managed the abalone program and conducted the first background studies at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Reactor site. He was a diving biologist and also worked on lobster, sea urchins and Pismo clams. He moved to Washington with his family in 1980, in part to pursue his love of fishing, rafting, skiing, hunting, and horse-packing.

First Steelhead: Growing up in San Jose, Dick spent every moment he could sneaking away (yes-even cutting lots of high school classes) to the lakes, creeks and rivers in Santa Clara Valley to chase trout, salmon and steelhead. His favorite river was the San Lorenzo, near Santa Cruz; that's where he caught his first steelhead.

Personal Philosophy: “Wild steelhead are far too important and valuable to our culture to continue to harvest. Many runs are depleted or near extinction and need much more protection than they are receiving today. We shouldn’t be risking the few healthy runs by allowing the killing of even one wild fish. We must do more in the fields of modeling and management, enforcement, hatchery reform, habitat restoration and education if we are to recover this majestic fish to our state waters.”

Lifetime and Honorary WSC Members

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of these Lifetime and Honorary members of the WSC. Their dedication and passion for wild steelhead recovery has earned them a permanent place at the WSC table.


Lifetime Members

Steve Choate

Wayne Schiffman

Bill Robinson

Tim Pask

Andrew Turner

Keith Beverly

Dylan Rothwell

Bob Margulis

Lucas St. Clair

Marc Gignac

Chad Rothacher

David Cole

Charles Tuchschmidt

Robert Tamurian

Honorary Members 

Frank Moore

Yvon Chouinard