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Dylan Tomine

Dylan Tomine



Dylan Tomine is a writer, wild fish advocate and Patagonia Fishing Ambassador.

He has chased steelhead from Argentina to Alaska for more than 30 years, and finds daily motivation to fight for fish conservation in the memories of his former home-fishery, the once-great spring runs of the Skykomish River.

To help battle the negative impacts of hatchery fish on wild populations, Dylan is currently involved in a one-man eradication program that disposes of hatchery fish the old fashioned way: by eating them.

Lifetime and Honorary WSC Members

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of these Lifetime and Honorary members of the WSC. Their dedication and passion for wild steelhead recovery has earned them a permanent place at the WSC table.


Lifetime Members

Steve Choate

Wayne Schiffman

Bill Robinson

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Dylan Rothwell

Bob Margulis

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Frank Moore

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