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Tell Stanford University to remove Searsville Dam

Tell Stanford Provost and Acting President John Etchemendy that you support the responsible removal of Searsville Dam in Palo Alto, California and help to return wild steelhead to their historic spawning habitat in the Corte Madera Creek.

Posted by: | July 5, 2012 | Comments: 8

Beyond Searsville Dam

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  • WSC Position on Wild Steelhead Harvest

    Throughout the southern half of their range, wild steelhead have experienced tremendous declines during the last century and a half. While many factors have contributed to their decline, overharvest in sport and commercial fisheries has been ubiquitous, and today most populations are depressed below 10% of their historic abundance. During…

    Category: WSC Positions | Posted by: natasha | December 2, 2011 | Comments: 0
  • WSC Position on Steelhead Hatcheries

    In order to restore the abundance, distribution, diversity, and long term productivity of wild steelhead and their habitats to assure healthy stocks, hatchery programs need to be removed from management plans where ever possible. Plus, greater priority needs to be given to the long term sustainability of wild steelhead stocks….

    Category: WSC Positions | Posted by: natasha | July 21, 2011 | Comments: 0
  • Barnaby Slough Restoration Project and Film 

    Recently, we partnered with our filmmaking friend Shane Anderson to produce a short movie filled with beautiful aerial footage that tells the story of a critical habitat restoration project on the Skagit River’s Barnaby Slough.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: Paul Moinester | March 24, 2016 | Comments: 0
  • Grays & Chinook Rivers Are WA’s Newest Wild Steelhead Gene Banks

    We did it! The Grays and Chinook rivers are Washington’s newest Wild Steelhead Gene Bank thanks to your support and work.

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: Paul Moinester | March 17, 2016 | Comments: 0
  • Behind the Emerald Curtain is Coming to Seattle

    Join us on March 24th for the Washington premier of Behind the Emerald Curtain presented by the Wild Steelhead Coalition. The premier will be held at the Patagonia Seattle store. Doors open at 7 :00 and the movie will begin at 7:30, followed by panel discussion with filmmaker Shane Anderson and author David Montgomery.

    Category: Events | Posted by: Paul Moinester | March 8, 2016 | Comments: 0