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Take OP Wild Steelhead Off The Menu

Seafood Watch claims wild steelhead harvested from the Olympic Peninsula are a “Good Alternative” and a sustainable fish choice. The data says otherwise. It’s time we speak up and tell Seafood Watch to take OP wild steelhead off the menu!

Posted by: | March 8, 2017 | Comments: 0

Action Alerts

  • Olympic Peninsula Sportfishing Rule Changes – Take Action EXPIRED

    For the last 15 years, the Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) and its members have utilized this unwavering perseverance to push for the conservation and restoration of wild steelhead. As anglers first and foremost, we have looked inward and championed changes that worked to minimize the impact of sportfishing on diminishing wild steelhead populations through reducing harvest and implementing commonsense fishing regulations.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 10/28/15 | Comments: 0
  • Vote for Puget Sound wild steelhead gene banks EXPIRED

    This is your opportunity to help establish wild steelhead gene banks in a minimum of three Puget Sound rivers. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is currently accepting comments on selecting “Wild Steelhead Gene Banks” in three Puget Sound Regions: (1) North Cascades, (2) Central/South Puget Sound, and (3) Hood Canal and Strait of Juan de Fuca. Wild Gene Banks are watersheds within which hatchery steelhead will not be planted; science indicates that keeping hatchery steelhead apart from wild steelhead is critical to wild steelhead recovery.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 8/6/15 | Comments: 0
  • Tell NOAA not to compromise on wild steelhead protection EXPIRED

    Time is running out, but we still have the potential to stop NOAA from setting this dangerous precedent that will imperil threatened steelhead populations and all ESA-listed species. Please submit a comment by using the red Take Action link and tell NOAA you will not stand for them undermining federal environmental protections for threatened steelhead.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 5/1/15 | Comments: 10
  • Tell the WA Senate Natural Resources Committee you support wild steelhead EXPIRED

    In advance of their July 29, 2014 hearing, tell the WA Senate Natural Resources Committee that you support wild steelhead recovery in Puget Sound.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 7/25/14 | Comments: 3
  • Tell WDFW to implement Emergency Rule Change for WSMZs, North Fork Stillaguamish EXPIRED

    Take action to help mitigate against any future impacts to the North Fork Stillaguamish steelhead fishery and improve recovery of latest WSMZs.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 4/7/14 | Comments: 0
  • Encourage Washington State Legislatures to Reform In-Stream Mining EXPIRED

    Hobby suction dredge mining in steelhead and salmon habitat is a significant problem in some Washington drainages. Take action to help change regulations and create new laws.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 2/6/14 | Comments: 1