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Photo by Luke Kelly

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  • Jack Berryman Received Roderick Haig-Brown Award

    In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the literature of fly fishing, conservation, and FFI in the state of Washington, Jack Berryman, the 2nd president of the Wild Steelhead Coalition and current Trustee, received the Roderick Haig-Brown Award from Fly Fishers International.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 9/29/17 | Comments: 0
  • September is Flotilla Month

    This month we had the opportunity to partake in the Free the Snake Flotilla and the Our Sound, Our Salmon Flotilla, which were powerful demonstrations involving diverse coalitions fighting together for our fish and waters.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 9/29/17 | Comments: 0
  • Snake River Dams Legislation is Bad News for Wild Steelhead

    Multiple courts have ruled that the federal government’s approach to steelhead and salmon restoration on the Snake is misguided and a massive waste of taxpayer money. They’ve ordered the government to explore a new approach, but now new legislation authored by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers is trying to mandate that we stick with our broken management strategy.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 7/28/17 | Comments: 0
  • Remembering Steelhead Icon Les Johnson

    In May, we said goodbye to our dear friend Les Johnson, who was a steelhead icon and a founding member of the Wild Steelhead Coalition. Born and raised in the heart of Steelhead Country, Les devoted his life to writing about and protecting the iconic fish that captivated him throughout his illustrious life.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 7/28/17 | Comments: 0
  • Trouble on the Columbia for Wild Steelhead

    Projections for wild steelhead returns on the Columbia looked atrocious this year, and the early returns have been even worse than originally expected. If things don’t get better soon, we may be looking at the worst wild steelhead runs in the Columbia’s recorded history.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 7/28/17 | Comments: 0
  • Want to fish the Skagit next spring? Attend a hearing tomorrow in support of WDFW revenue

    The fishing might be tough these days, but as anglers we have a responsibility to help fund the management and conservation of our state’s fish and wildlife. We have the chance to do help make that happen tomorrow in Olympia at a hearing about House Bill 1647.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 2/8/17 | Comments: 0