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WSC Position on Wild Steelhead Harvest

Throughout the southern half of their range, wild steelhead have experienced tremendous declines during the last century and a half. While many factors have contributed to their decline, overharvest in sport and commercial fisheries has been ubiquitous, and today most populations are depressed below 10% of their historic abundance. During…

Posted by: | December 2, 2011 | Comments: 0

Key Issue: Fisheries

  • Tell WDFW to implement Emergency Rule Change for WSMZs, North Fork Stillaguamish

    Take action to help mitigate against any future impacts to the North Fork Stillaguamish steelhead fishery and improve recovery of latest WSMZs.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 4/7/14 | Comments: 0
  • Solutions for conservation: Dean River steelhead

    Robert Hooton, retired fisheries biologist and wild steelhead advocate checks in from British Columbia with a perspective on fisheries management for Dean River steelhead.

    Category: Newsletter Articles | Posted by: | 11/20/13 | Comments: 1
  • Submit Comments on Washington State Regulation Changes

    Take action and submit your comments to the WDFW for regulation improvements during the 2013/2014 sportfishing rule proposals adoption process.

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 1/22/13 | Comments: 1
  • The Wild Olympic Marches Forward

    On June 21, 2012, Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Norm Dicks introduced historic legislation to establish new Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River protections on the Olympic Peninsula. If passed, the bill would protect the first new Wilderness designations on Olympic National Forest in nearly 30 years and the first ever Wild and Scenic River designations on the Olympic Peninsula.

    Category: Newsletter Articles | Posted by: | 7/6/12 | Comments: 0
  • President’s Run: Where do we go from here?

    Are we at a time where there is no place left to go? For this angler, it seems we are approaching a destination I hate to admit or begrudge to accept. The wild, rainforest rivers of the West end of the Olympic Peninsula (OP) is a very special place with a race of legendary wild winter-run steelhead that could rival the world renown Skeena system to the North.

    Category: Newsletter Articles | Posted by: | 7/6/12 | Comments: 0
  • Historical Abundance of Puget Sound steelhead

    The Puget Sound steelhead , Oncorhynchus mykiss, was listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 2007, prompting the initiation of recovery planning.  Recovery planning requires, ultimately, the identification of conditions under which the “evolutionary significant unit” (ESU) can be considered to have been recovered and subsequently removed from the list of threatened and endangered species (“de-listed”).

    Category: Newsletter Articles | Posted by: | 7/6/12 | Comments: 0