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Wild Steelhead need your support now more than ever. WSC is the only organization devoted solely to the future of wild steelhead. As an all-volunteer coalition comprised of individuals like you working together to protect these magnificent fish, each and every dollar is spent directly on steelhead recovery efforts.

Wild Steelhead Need More Advocates, by Jack W. Berryman

Click image to read the article “Wild Steelhead Need More Advocates,” by Jack W. Berryman


If you truly love steelhead and are concerned with the current state of wild fish returns to the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, join us in our fight to protect this important resource. To become a WSC member online, click the “Join Now” button below. Alternately, print and mail our Membership Form, along with your check to:

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The Wild Steelhead Coalition is a Federally Recognized 501c(3) organization; as such your donation is completely tax deductible and may qualify for funds matching through your employer.  Thank you for your support of the WSC. 

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