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Photo by Luke Kelly

Jonathan Stumpf


Backstory: Jonathan grew up fishing the high country creeks and streams of Colorado. After a brief spell in Missoula, Montana, he finally landed in Seattle, Washington in 2008. Passionate about fishing and even more so about the environment in which fish live, he was quickly seduced by the mystique of steelhead and the rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest.


What he does: Jonathan works for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, a national sportsmen’s conservation organization based in Washington, D.C., running point for all online communications. Thankfully, his colleagues love to fish and hunt as much he does.


First Steelhead: After a seemingly long and fishless, snowy day on Idaho’s Salmon River in late November, he managed to hook and land a seven-pound hatchery brat on the last run of the day. Unfortunately, he released it.


Personal Philosophy: “To borrow a line from Sam Snyder, ‘The future of our fisheries depend upon diverse communities, diverse fisheries, and diverse thinking. If you cherish your habit, religion, sport, or whatever you want to call it, I am inclined to say that you have no business in this sport if you don’t take conservation seriously. Either speak up or get off the water.’”

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