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  • Comments to WDFW on the SEPA scoping process regarding state-wide Resource Management Plan

    WSC states its suggestions for the upcoming State-wide RMP. The recommendations are targeted at creating a RMP that has the most comprehensive and specific steelhead protection plan possible for the State of Washington. The comments call for deep analyzation of steelhead population trends by WDFW and a diplomatic approach that respects all different parties with a vested interest in a robust steelhead fishery.

    Category: WSC Comments | Author: Dick Burge | 2/5/07 | Comments: 0
  • Membership talking points and comments to WDFW for SEPA scoping meetings

    In the preliminary document to the final comments sent in February 2007, WSC members are encouraged to write to the WDFW with their input based on the points in this document. A recommendation for a WDFW response to the ESA listing of Puget Sound Steelhead is called for. The comments also list a hatchery impacts study and a concentration on Olympic Peninsula and Southwest Washington as priorities among other tactical strategies for steelhead conservation.

    Category: Talking Points WSC Comments | Author: Dick Burge | 9/11/06 | Comments: 0
  • WSC Statement on the Proposed ESA Listing of Puget Sound Steelhead

    An encouraging statement by WSC on the potential ESA listing of Puget Sound steelhead. Although the listing is a sad and sobering reality, WSC says that there is reason for optimism in the Puget Sound region. The WSC is hopeful that the listing will create awareness and spark some much needed media coverage on the declining populations of the worlds greatest gamefish.

    Category: WSC Comments | Author: Rich Simms | 3/31/06 | Comments: 0