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Tag archive for: Hydro Dams

  • Elwha River Restoration Volunteer Opportunity

    Want to be even more involved in the Elwha Restoration? Now is your chance. There are four days of volunteer opportunities to help in the propagation of plants used to revegetate the newly exposed reservoirs.

    Category: Events | Posted by: | 5/3/12 | Comments: 0
  • Recommended Reading: Six books about wild steelhead management in Pacific Northwest

    We recommend the following six books to help you get started in understanding the plight of wild steelhead and salmon  in the Pacific Northwest and the complicated nature of their management.

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 3/31/12 | Comments: 3
  • WSC Position on Klamath Dams

    The second largest river in California, the Klamath was once among the most productive salmon rivers in North America. Drawing its headwaters from Southern Oregon’s Klamath Lake it drains southwest into California before meeting with it’s largest tributary the Trinity and ultimately running to the Ocean north of Eureka. Early…

    Category: Steelhead Info | Posted by: | 12/2/11 | Comments: 0
  • Columbia Basin Hatchery Reform

    In the Columbia basin where dams have blocked almost half of the historic habitat, and continue to hinder the recovery of ESA listed salmon and steelhead, they get the majority of the attention from the conservation community. The focus on dams and their impact is understandable but an equally important…

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 12/2/11 | Comments: 0
  • Agencies Warned Over Elwha River Fish Hatchery (Wild Fish Conservancy)

    A sixty-day notice letter mailed today to federal and state agencies charges that these agencies are violating the Endangered Species by ignoring best available science and the needs of killer whales and native steelhead by funding a fish hatchery that will impede the recovery of the Elwha River ecosystem. Wild…

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 10/6/11 | Comments: 0
  • The impacts of hydro dams on steelhead

    Dams impact steelhead in a number of ways. Dams block passage of salmon and steelhead as migrating juveniles on their way to the ocean as well as on their return to freshwater rivers to spawn (often hundreds of miles upstream). Some dams include fish passage via fish ladders, although the…

    Category: Steelhead Info | Posted by: | 9/23/11 | Comments: 0