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Photo by Luke Kelly

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  • Biological and Economic Benefits of Wild Steelhead Release

    The Wild Steelhead Coalition recommends the adoption of an unconditional, statewide, wild steelhead release policy in Washington State. This policy would mandate that all wild steelhead caught by sport angling methods within Washington State be released unharmed, without exception.

    Category: Study | Author: WSC Members | 12/13/11 | Comments: 0
  • WSC Position on Wild Steelhead Harvest

    Throughout the southern half of their range, wild steelhead have experienced tremendous declines during the last century and a half. While many factors have contributed to their decline, overharvest in sport and commercial fisheries has been ubiquitous, and today most populations are depressed below 10% of their historic abundance. During…

    Category: WSC Positions | Posted by: | 12/2/11 | Comments: 0
  • WSC Position on Steelhead Hatcheries

    In order to restore the abundance, distribution, diversity, and long term productivity of wild steelhead and their habitats to assure healthy stocks, hatchery programs need to be removed from management plans where ever possible. Plus, greater priority needs to be given to the long term sustainability of wild steelhead stocks….

    Category: WSC Positions | Posted by: | 7/21/11 | Comments: 0
  • The Snider Creek Hatchery: The Impacts of the Hatchery and Increased Wild Stock Harvest on Early Sol Duc River Winter Steelhead with Recommendations for Recovery

    By Dick Burge Rebuilding the wild steelhead run on the Sol Duc River to its maximum capacity means we must develop a plan to recover the early run and all other depleted components of the total run. This is possible only if we eliminate hatchery plantings stocks and concentrate on…

    Category: Newsletter Articles | Posted by: | 3/10/11 | Comments: 1
  • NOAA Puget Sound Steelhead Critical Habitat Comments

    The WSC provided comments for critical habitat designation for the Puget Sound Wild Steelhead DPS. The WSC analyzed the Proposed critical habitat designation map and found specific areas that should be included in the critical habitat designation. Well Documented Science and research has indicated these areas are critical to wild Steelhead adults and juvenile migration. The WSC also commented on habitat degredation and channelization of rivers. These impacts must be addressed in the critical habitat designation as well.

    Category: WSC Comments | Author: WSC Members | 3/3/11 | Comments: 0