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Photo by Luke Kelly

Tag archive for: NOAA

  • Columbia Basin Hatchery Reform

    In the Columbia basin where dams have blocked almost half of the historic habitat, and continue to hinder the recovery of ESA listed salmon and steelhead, they get the majority of the attention from the conservation community. The focus on dams and their impact is understandable but an equally important…

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 12/2/11 | Comments: 0
  • NOAA Puget Sound Steelhead Critical Habitat Comments

    The WSC provided comments for critical habitat designation for the Puget Sound Wild Steelhead DPS. The WSC analyzed the Proposed critical habitat designation map and found specific areas that should be included in the critical habitat designation. Well Documented Science and research has indicated these areas are critical to wild Steelhead adults and juvenile migration. The WSC also commented on habitat degredation and channelization of rivers. These impacts must be addressed in the critical habitat designation as well.

    Category: WSC Comments | Author: WSC Members | 3/3/11 | Comments: 0