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Photo by Luke Kelly

Tag archive for: Rich Simms

  • Restore the Elwha Without Hatchery Fish

    Hot off The Seattle Times press comes the latest op-ed we’ve collaborated on, along with our friends at the Osprey Steelhead News and Wild Fish Conservancy. Let wild steelhead and salmon recolonize the Elwha River naturally! [Article Published in the Seattle Times July 12, 2011]   By Will Atlas, Kurt Beardslee and Rich Simms…

    Category: Op-Eds | Posted by: | 7/22/11 | Comments: 0
  • WSC Statement on the Proposed ESA Listing of Puget Sound Steelhead

    An encouraging statement by WSC on the potential ESA listing of Puget Sound steelhead. Although the listing is a sad and sobering reality, WSC says that there is reason for optimism in the Puget Sound region. The WSC is hopeful that the listing will create awareness and spark some much needed media coverage on the declining populations of the worlds greatest gamefish.

    Category: WSC Comments | Author: Rich Simms | 3/31/06 | Comments: 0