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Photo by Luke Kelly

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  • Jewels of the North Umpqua: Frank Moore and the Wild Steelhead of Steamboat Creek

    To raise awareness about the legislation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers released a short film that shines a light on the jewels of the North Umpqua and discusses the critical importance of creating the Frank Moore Steelhead Sanctuary.

    Category: Film & Video | Posted by: | 12/18/16 | Comments: 0
  • Reopening the Skagit

    If WDFW’s plan is approved and agreements are reached with the National Marine Fisheries Service and co-manager tribes, the spring catch-and-release sportfishing season for steelhead on the famed Skagit River could reopen for the first time since 2010.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 12/18/16 | Comments: 0
  • Win a World-Class Wild Steelhead Fishing Experience

    Want to win a guided steelhead trip with one of the fishiest guides you’ll ever meet on some of the most majestic steelhead waters on the planet? All you need to do is make a tax-deductible donation over $100 before January 1 for a chance to win.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 12/18/16 | Comments: 0
  • Chehalis Basin Strategy

    The Chehalis Basin Strategy is an ambitious collection of potential actions to both improve and restore river habitat and reduce flood damage. We are working to ensure that the outcome of this plan benefits wild fish.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 11/15/16 | Comments: 0
  • FREE THE SNAKE – Public Hearings

    We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia and Snake rivers, once the greatest salmon rivers in the world. We can do this by removing four outdated and expensive dams on the lower Snake River.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 10/24/16 | Comments: 0
  • Protect the Methow Valley from Mining!

    Copper mining is an imminent threat to Washington’s Methow Valley and the wild steelhead that call this beautiful valley home. Take action today and help stop this mine proposal before it’s too late.

    Category: In the News | Posted by: | 10/24/16 | Comments: 0