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Photo by Luke Kelly

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Tell Stanford University to remove Searsville Dam

Tell Stanford Provost and Acting President John Etchemendy that you support the responsible removal of Searsville Dam in Palo Alto, California and help to return wild steelhead to their historic spawning habitat in the Corte Madera Creek.

Posted by: | July 5, 2012 | Comments: 8

Recent posts

  • Help Create Wild Steelhead Sanctuaries in Washington

    Help protect and recover threatened populations of wild steelhead in once prolific Puget Sound rivers by telling Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to establish strong, effective wild steelhead gene banks.

    Category: Events | Posted by: | 7/13/15 | Comments: 0
  • Tell NOAA not to compromise on wild steelhead protection

    Time is running out, but we still have the potential to stop NOAA from setting this dangerous precedent that will imperil threatened steelhead populations and all ESA-listed species. Please submit a comment by using the red Take Action link and tell NOAA you will not stand for them undermining federal environmental protections for threatened steelhead.

    Category: Action Alerts | Posted by: | 5/1/15 | Comments: 10
  • Steelhead Summit: Wild Skagit steelhead and conservative fisheries management for continued stock recovery

    Groups, anglers and citizens concerned about the restoration and protection of native, wild steelhead of the Skagit River in Washington are welcome to attend this event. You’ll hear presentations by noted scientists who work on fisheries and habitat research, and discuss public policy initiatives with wild steelhead advocates.

    Category: Events | Posted by: | 4/1/15 | Comments: 3
  • Wild Steelhead Coalition Statement in Support of ‘Occupy Skagit’

    Opening up Skagit/Sauk to selective gear catch and release angling is within the conservation mandate for this watershed and would support the desires of recreational anglers, benefit local economies, and reduce pressure on other wild steelhead returns in our region.

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 3/25/15 | Comments: 3
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Keep wild steelhead wet!

    Wild winter steelhead enter our coastal rivers in a more mature condition and closer to spawn timing with fish sometimes caught within hours to days of freshwater entry or in their holding and spawning areas. This vulnerable condition makes them susceptible to loss in fry production by improper handling practices and exposure to air. Let’s work together to reduce our impact by keeping wild steelhead underwater. Infographic courtesy of Rich Simms.

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 2/20/15 | Comments: 1
  • Risky Senate Bill 5551 seeks “revenge” against wild fish advocates

    A Senate bill proposed during the current legislative session could have serious repercussions for advocates of wild salmon and steelhead in Washington state, and for the wild fish they’re working to recover.

    Senate Bill 5551 Summary: Deny wild fish organizations state Salmon Recovery Funding Board contributions if they have brought legal action against the state concerning hatchery production within ten calendar years.

    Category: WSC Updates | Posted by: | 2/3/15 | Comments: 6